Friday Night at the Garrick Hotel

The B-SIde Apostles is a country duo comprised of Greg Glatz and Larry Updike.  If you like the music of Hank, Merle and Johnny, with one or two others thrown in, there isn’t a much better way to pass a couple of hours than listening to the B-SIde Apostles. They play a lot of gigs around the city, a good number of them at places like Siloam Mission and Madison Lodge, where they try and bring music into the lives of those who may not have the opportunity to get out and enjoy live music in one of this city’s many venues.

They also play in little places such as The Neighbourhood Cafe, Sam’s Place and most recently the Garrick Hotel.  I missed them the first time that they played there, but this Friday night I wasn’t going to. So off I went to the Garrick.

The B-Side Apostles had set up in the bar of the Garrick Hotel.  This is a somewhat small room that you walk into straight off of Garry Street.  It isn’t much too look at.  Some might even call it a dive bar, but I think it’s looks more the way a small, local bar would have looked in the 50’s and sixties.  The walls are mainly lined with a combination of photos of historic buildings and 50’s style pin-up pictures, along with the a variety of signs promoting various beers, etc.

The Friday night crowd, was largely older.  Those that didn’t look like they had long ago retired were to a good measure a blue collar type of crowd.  (Although the B-Side Apostle fans what showed later, skewed the demographic somewhat away from that). Now the crowd wasn’t all wonderful.  There were one or two who created a bit of a distraction, but nothing serious.  Also, it is the kind of place where, if you’re a woman, you will find a number of men who don’t understand the meaning of appropriate touch.  On the whole though, it was a pleasant crowd of people to be in with.

One can’t particularly imagine a group of well-heeled Jets fans stopping in here for their pre-game meal. Which is a shame, because the food I had on Friday night was quite good.  I ordered a burger, fries, and a basket of hot wings.  All three came to less than $15 including tax.  I ordered all three because I wanted a good sampling of what was available on the Canadian menu, but any two would be satisfying.  There was also a draft beer special on of the type you wouldn’t see at any of the chain type downtown eateries.

Each of the three items I ordered came out to the table as it was ready.  Each dish arrived hot.  The French Fries were crisp and hot, although, and this is rare for me to say, could have used a bit more salt.  The burger had a nice char-broiled flavour to it, and had a good bun to patty ratio so that the insides weren’t sliding all over the place. Finally, while I found the wings a little on the small size, they did deliver very nicely on the heat.

The Garrick also has a Chinese menu, and while I didn’t try any of those dishes, the dishes that came out all looked fantastic, and were very generous for portion size.  I’ll have to visit on another Friday Night to try that.

Friday Night or Friday Lunch

I hit the Garrick at supper time, but I think it would be well worth your while to do lunch there some day.  It’s real food surrounded by real people.



  1. I am the wait staff at the Garrick Hotel you my need to change the sentence ” Also, it is the kind of place where, if you’re a woman, you will find a number of men who don’t understand the meaning of appropriate touch. ” I have been in the business for 23 years and intoxicated people do silly things and even in higher class establishment will have the same problems…I would hate for women not to come to The Garrick Hotel because of this….”The inappropriate touch” was towards me a waitress at the Garrick and not towards any customers …and i always do my best to handle it so it doesn’t happen again.
    So ladies please don’t be afraid to come to the Garrick Hotel ..Thank you for your time.



  2. “Currently serving as Social Media Priest at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in the heart of Downtown Winnipeg” – sounds like experienced and frequent bar visitor. It’s a good thing they did not play “Black Sabbath” backwards, he’d pull out his cross and start to perform exorcism. The pictures of food don’t look very appetizing…
    Don’t want to dine with Donald, that’s for sure.


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