Weighing in, Scaling Back

Yesterday my friend Carl Seier who works as a realtor and runs a blog over at Simple Winnipeg Real Estate, posted on Facebook that he wanted to lose some weight.  When I saw this I immediately asked if he wanted to have someone to act as a weight loss buddy.  Another friend, Christopher Neufeld, who blogs at Twisted Christian, added his voice to the conversation, and the three of us decided that we would help each other on our pound shedding journeys.

Why Weight Loss?

Each of us will have our own stories and our own reasons for losing the weight.  On this blog I will be telling my own story.  I find that as I get older, (just turned 48 a few days ago), that questions of energy and sleep take a higher priority in my life.  Now, I’m not saying that losing weight will in and of itself resolve all of my energy and sleep related issues, but it should certainly help.

Plus, while I am trying to lose weight, I will also be more mindful of what I am eating and how much I am eating. Mindless eating is always a threat, and think it may be even more of a threat to someone single like me.  After all, I have no one giving me gentle or not so gentle, reminders that my consumption is approaching the level that could sustain a small village.

Weighing My Options:

Over the net few weeks, I’ll be trying to find the best way to accomplish my goals  It will certainly be a case of trial and error.  I’m not a believer in diets.  I do need to work on portion control.  Also, the urge to snack needs to be curtailed.  I may have to start weighing my food on the kitchen scale I have.

However, the biggest task for me is finding a consistent form of exercise.  I do a lot of walking, so I already have a bit of a head start.  However, I do think I need to do more work of the type that builds muscle.  What I lack in muscle tone I make up for in flab.

Public Weighing In:

This is not me suggesting that I’m going to be stripping down and holding public weigh-ins a la The Biggest Loser, but an invitation to readers to be weighing in with ideas that might help me lose weight.  I might even use some of them(no promises).

Last, but not least, my goal.  I weighed 201.5 this morning.  My goal is 170.  I’m working on the premise that 170 pounds represents a nice round number for a less round figure.





  1. Argh, I left you a huge long reply and then I lost it. I’ll try to reconstruct it as best I can.

    First of all, yay Donald! Becoming healthier is always a great goal to have. Here are a few ideas, based on my own reading and experience.

    1. Walking totally rocks, you have a HUGE advantage going here. Weights could be a good idea; heavy ones, not high reps with little ones. You will need to learn good form, so if it is at all possible to squeeze a few sessions with a good personal trainer out of the budget, it would be worth the investment. I know a couple if you need recommendations.

    2. The main thing is food, as you know. Cutting unnecessary carbs and increasing your intake of healthy fats (butter, meat, full-fat dairy products) can do miracles. Don’t count calories and never eat low-fat anything – they are full of sugar. You are already aware of the importance of mindful eating, but also think about the quality of what you are eating. Focus on eating the good stuff and the rest will take care of itself.

    Good luck!!


  2. Way to go, Donald! I agree with what Hadass said, and I would really recommend looking into the Primal Blueprint. Check out the site Mark’s Daily Apple. When I began eating this way, I lost 30lbs, without ever feeling like I was on a diet. There is a whole community of primal/paleo food-loving bloggers sharing awesome recipes out there, so be assured you will still be eating delicious food!


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