Dhoom-Lunch Buffet

Dhoom is now closed, and it’s place has been taken by Spice Affair, another Indian restaurant. Spice Affair is now closed and the place has been taken over by Ivory.

Lunch Buffet:

Dhoom Restaurant & Lounge located at the corner of Donald and York in the building that was for many years a Pizza Hut, serves a mix of Indian and Western food.  I’ve included the links to both the take out menus above.  However, this post is intended to focus on the lunch buffet.

Monday to Friday, Dhoom offers an Indian lunch buffet for $13.00.  While the price is a little lower than some of the other Indian buffets in the downtown area, it is also little more limited in the selection that it offers.

The buffet is divided into three sections.  The first is a salad, which contains green salad and dressings along with a selection of other cold dishes and pickles(think English type of pickles, and not the Bick’s type).  One of my favourites in this section is the spicy puffed rice salad.  I put some on my plate almost every trip.

The second section contains the vegetable dishes.  This used to include the Samosas and Spinach Pakora (which I found a little dry), but they have been moved to the table where you pick up your plates to go through the buffet line.  The selection here contains, along with rice and noodles, half a dozen dishes, such as Channa Masala, Chole Palak, and several others.  They do seem to change from time to time which is a good thing in a buffet.

Around the corner, is the meat section which generally contains 4 or 5 choices.  Being the meat lover that I am, I devote most of my time and plate space to this section.  People always ask me about the Butter Chicken and I have a hard time answering , because Butter Chicken has never been my go to dish.  So, I’d say, give it a try and find out for yourselves, (then you can enlighten me).

I’ve always preferred Curried Beef and Goat, and above all the Curried Lamb(which is always welcome).  I would love to see Lamb Korma there.  The Tandoori Chicken is quite good and they also serve Fried Chicken.  Not a dish I associate with Indian cuisine, but they do a good job with it,

Finally, there are a two or three sweets available for dessert.  Some are an acquired taste, and I admit that I haven’t acquire the taste for all of them.

 Dhoom Saying:

One thing I didn’t mention is the Nan bread.  The Nan is included as part of the buffet and as a single diner I usually receive three good sized pieces.  It is a pretty good Nan and is brought to your table quite quickly.  Since it’s a buffet there is no real serving of the meal but the server does regularly come around with water refills, and if you need an extra napkin as I often do, it’s never a problem to get one.  If you’re downtown at lunchtime, the Dhoom Buffet is definitely worth your time and money.




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