Ming Court-Appearances are Deceiving

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Ming Court Review:

One can find Ming Court restaurant on Edmonton Street between a building featuring a hearing clinic and a parkade.  Looking at the buildings aged brick exterior and the back lit plastic lettered sign in the window one gets the impression that either might hold out more hope in finding a decent lunch.

Inside, one looks at the reviews posted and is only slightly more encouraged.  While they are glowing reviews, they are also a decade or more old, give or take a year.  Turns out, the reviews may be old but they are still accurate.  Ming Court offers great food and great value.

Ming Court is open for lunch and supper.  The supper setting features the whole menu, while there is a limited but sufficient lunch menu.  The lunch menu features about a dozen items on it.  There is also a Tom Mein soup which is featured on a whiteboard on the dining room wall.

The first time I visited, I tried the black bean beef with noodles.  The lunch dishes offer you the choice of rice or noodles, and I generally prefer the noodles.  The beef is nice and thinly sliced and very tender.  The vegetables manage to retain a crispy quality

Ming Court Noodles

Ming Court’s Black Bean and Noodle.

The soup is available with your choice of spiciness.  I went with the hottest level on the menu and found that it was as advertised.  The tofu, or as it advertised soy bean curd, was also well-prepared.  Crispy all around the outside giving way to a chewy interior.  The only slight letdown with the soup was that the poached egg was in fact hard-boiled by the time I got served.

Soup at Ming Court

Soup at Ming Court

All the dishes on the lunch menu come to around $10.00 after tax.  The portions are very generous as well.  Service is quick and efficient as the aim seems to fit in as many turns as possible during the lunch period.  While the staff is welcoming, you are left with the impression that they hope you eat and leave as quick as possible.  This is particularly true when your bill arrives about 5 minutes after your food.

Despite this, I heartily recommend Ming Court as a lunch destination.  Good food, good portions and good prices are hard to beat.


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