selFISH Sushi on Broadway

*selFISH Sushi is no longer in business. The space has been taken over by Nick’s on Broadway.

selFISH Sushi is one of the more oddly named restaurants in the city of Winnipeg.  It’s not as odd as Deadfish, which ended up floating upside down in the culinary fish tank of Winnipeg, but it’s still pretty odd.  If you’re tempted to comment on the pun, I do get it, but still find the name odd.

There are two locations for this restaurant. I’m writing about the Broadway location. Currently this location is a little discouraging to enter into, because of the renovation work going on in the building.  However, as you enter and turn to the right you’ll find selFish right in front of you.

This is a very casual type of place with large bar like tables and several table for four furnished with rather wooden chairs that you might expect to find in a classroom.  On the other hand it is a bright and open space.  Most of the sushi that is for sale is laid out in takeout containers in a cooler in front of the preparation area.

The menu lists a variety of singles rolls from $4-8:00 dollars and a variety of combos from $7:00-$10:00.  I’d suggest you go with the combos for value.  Any of the $8-10:00 combos make for a nice, satisfying lunch.


The quantities and prices are quite reasonable. The quality of the food though, is a little more hit and miss.  The miso soup is a little on the thin side and is more salty than a good salty-sweet combo.  One thing I found with the items is that they don’t taste overly fresh.  I’m not saying they’re starting to go bad.  You have no worries there at all.  I just didn’t find them to be served at their peak of freshness.  Likewise, I found the tempura prawn in my dynamite roll to be overcooked and dry.  Still the overall quality is reasonably good.


 selFISH Sushi Shop Summary:

Overall, selFISH Sushi Shop strikes me as the kind of place you might want to take someone who’s never had sushi before but wants to give in a try.  You won’t find any surprises here. On the other hand you’re unlikely to find any delights.  Still, if you’d like some quick, cheap and relatively decent sushi, selFISH is worth giving a try.




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