ManyFest, Food Truck Wars, Power Rankings

Here are my 2014 Power Rankings.

ManyFest Food Truck Wars, Power Rankings

Next weekend brings us ManyFest.  ManyFest was created by bringing together a handful of events that occurred on Broadway in the late summer early fall.  Rather than having a few events with relatively small numbers of people, the organizers have created one giant event that now draws much larger crowds.


Every year ManyFest changes somewhat, and this year is no exception.  This year the most notable new entrant is the food truck wars.  As of this writing there are 12 trucks entered into the event.  Having reviewed all but one of the 12, I thought it might be fund to do a power ranking post on them.

Power rankings are an idea I’m stealing from the world of sport.  The idea is a ranking of various teams or individuals as they are performing at any given moment  They are of course my creation so there’s a good chance many if not most of you will disagree with me.  That’s part of the fun of power rankings.  Also, the food trucks in Winnipeg are so good, you should try them all anyways, even the ones that aren’t part of ManyFest.  So, here goes my list.

1.) On A Roll Sandwich Truck

This truck leads the pack.  Real good value.  Terrific quality and flavours.  Imaginative dishes on the menu.  The only way they good lose this place would be in the Red Ember Pizza Truck joined the rankings.

2.)  Little Bones Chicken Wingery

I am huge wings fan.  Chicken wings are one of my favourite game day snacks.  Little Bones delivers with a wide variety of sauces to go with large wings.  Also, the checker fries are a real taste treat

3.) Tot Wheels

If your idea of tater tots has been formed from eating the frozen variety, be prepared for a revelation.  Some great fresh toppings make this place a must stop when on Broadway.

4.) The Poutine King

Take a look at this video which shows the owner of the truck in action.  Huge portions and innovative additions to the Canadian classic make this a great place to stop.  Would rank higher if it hit the streets more frequently.

5.)  Pimp My Rice

One of the first of the new breed food trucks to hit Winnipeg streets.  Pimp My Rice has brought the flavours of  the Philippines to Winnipeg Street.  Generous portions and interesting flavour combinations.

6.)  Barbie and Gabi’s Specialteez

The value leaders on the streets of Winnipeg.  Huge portions at very reasonable prices. Plus the chimney cakes are terrific.

7.)  Lovey’s BBQ Hog Mobile Truck

Lovey’s truck brings the taste of the restaurant out onto the street.  Portions are large, and ribs fall off the bone.  Like The Poutine King, loses a couple of spots due to infrequent street appearances.

8.)  Habanero Sombrero

Currently Winnipeg’s only taco truck, with El Torrito done for the season.  A couple of months ago would have been higher, but increased prices and smaller portions have knocked it down.

9.)  Stuffit

Another of the early entries on the Winnipeg Streets.  Fresh bread and fresh fillings are at the heart of this truck.

10.) Vilai’s Spice Box

One of, if not the newest truck on the street.  I think there are some things to worked out yet, but I expect this truck to move up the rankings quite soon.  Vila’s Spice Box definitely lives up to its name.

11.)  Healthy Eats

Price to portion ratio seems to be a little high.  Also, the food has a tendency to be overcooked, leading to things such as dry chicken breasts. However, you may want to check them out for yourselves and see if you agree.

NR.) Le Garage

I’ve seen hide nor hair of any Le Garage food truck.  So, the post I link to in the title is a review of their dine in establishment.  I did sent them a message via Facebook asking about a truck, but to date I have received no answer.

As I said at the beginning, these ManyFest Power Rankings are mainly for fun.  What I really hope to do is encourage people to go out, not just during ManyFest, and try these trucks.



  1. BBK’S went in place of Le Garage!!! Delicious food! Certainly one of the top food vendors at the this years Many Fest … Glad they joined


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