Lovey’s BBQ Hog Mobile Truck

A few months ago I had the opportunity to visit Lovey’s Marion Street location and write a review.  In addition to the main site and Lovey’s Blue Dot Diner, owner Roger LeBleu also has Lovey’s BBQ Hog Mobile Truck.  The truck brings the flavours of the restaurant onto the street, albeit with a somewhat limited menu.

This year the truck has been out on the street less than in the past.  However, you can usually find out when it’s going to the street by checking out Lovey’s Facebook page. Without further introduction here are my thoughts.

BBQ Hog Mobile Truck Sign


The pricing at Lovey’s BBQ Hog Mobile Truck is quite reasonable.  Prices range from $4.00 for the tornado potatoes up to a high of $17.00, but the high is for a full slab of ribs. You can get a half slab for $10.00 and everything else is under the $10.00 mark.  Portion sizes are also more than adequate. 4.5/5


As I stated earlier the menu at the truck is limited compared to the dine in menu, but there are still a variety of options to choose from.  As one would guess the menu is meat heavy, but there are several meat dishes to choose from. 4.5/5


Overall, the quality at the BBQ Hog Mobile Truck is quite close to the dine-in experience although my ribs were a little on the overcooked side and starting to dry a little.  The pulled pork is the same, and the tornado potatoes are well cooked. 4/5

Lovey's truck


The food came in containers that are easy to carry, but that aren’t covered.  The Tornado Potatoes were a pleasant surprise in that I never had to worry that the potato would fall off of one side of the stick when I was biting on the other.  4/5

BBQ Hog truck Tornado Potatoes BBQ Hog ribs


Service was friendly and efficient, I got my order in a reasonable time. 4/5

Lovey’s BBQ Hog Mobile Truck Overall:

If you can’t make it over into St. Boniface, taking the time to check out the BBQ Hog Mobile Truck when it makes its way onto city streets is a pretty good alternative.  Give this place a try next to you see it parked on the street, or at a weekend event. 4.25/5
Lovey's BBQ Hog Mobile Truck Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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