Change of Course

For the last couple of months or so, I’ve been publishing restaurant reviews on a fairly regular basis.  However, since the end of July my circumstances have changed somewhat.  I’ve recently gone from full-time to half-time in employment, and while I’m in no danger of winding up on the street, regular restaurant dining is off the menu, so to speak.

This doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on the blog, or food writing in general, but it does mean that I’ll need to change what I’m writing about.  One thing I’ll be writing more of is book reviews.  I have several books about food lying around that I either haven’t read, or have read and still want to write about.  So that will give me a fair bit of material over the next couple of months.

So, the questions remains, what else can I write about.  I’ve had a couple of ideas riding around in my head.  One is something along the lines of a $5.00 dollar a day diet.  A variant on this is, what would it be like living on $5.00 a day and shopping only at dollar stores.  The interesting part of the latter option is that it would mean no fresh food for the duration of the exercise.  I’m thinking of a time frame of somewhere along the lines of 8 weeks for that one.  I’d also like to combine that with taking a fitness test before and a fitness test after to see what a difference it made.  I think 8 weeks would allow for some noticeable change.

Another idea is focusing on food and fitness for a little while.  I’m currently down to around 190lbs, which is pretty good, but I’d really like to get somewhere closer to 170,   I’ve found as I get older I’m tending to be tired a lot of the time, and that’s something I”d like to change.

These are just a few of things that I’m thinking of. I do hope to throw in the occasional restaurant review along the way.  If you have any suggestions for changes you’d like to see, leave a comment either here, or at the DiningwithDonald Facebook page.



  1. We should totally try to get you some free meals for all the time you’ve put into this blog! I wonder how we arrange that?


  2. Hi Donald,

    I love the idea of food and fitness, and chronicling your progress as you improve your health and energy. I’ve got lots of resources for you to look at it if you decide to go that way.

    While I appreciate the social justice aspect of the $5/day diet project, I worry that you will do yourself harm eating nothing but processed foods. It won’t do those who are condemned to this diet any good if you give yourself an auto-immune disease (and I’m including diabetes in this category). There has to be a better way to bring attention to this issue, and again, I’m happy to help you brainstorm.

    Book reviews are always interesting, if less exciting than starting this kind of large-scale project!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do as you set sail on your new course!


  3. Agree with Hadass about the harm of a “dollar store” diet. I like the idea of a budget cooking experiment but would rather see a slightly higher daily budget and a shopping list that includes some real food.


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