Vilai’s Spice Box – Almost Great

I first noticed the bright green Vilai’s Spice Box truck on Broadway about a month ago. Then it disappeared.  It reappeared briefly, and I tried it for the first time, and then it disappeared again, only to reappear once more last Friday.

Naturally, I was drawn to any food truck that has the word spice in the name.  I’ve been pleased to discover that they live up to their name.  I really appreciate that the spice is modulated throughout their various dishes.

Vilai Spice Box Menu
The Vilai Spice Box menu


On the whole, I have found the food here to be very good.  However there are a few things that keep this from being a great truck.  I’ll explain as I go along.


Here’s where I have my first problem.  Actually, I have two problems with value.  One, the prices aren’t tax inclusive.  Everything is 13% more than what it says on the board.  That means this truck is out of whack with most other food trucks.  Two, pricing is inconsistent to quantity and quality.

The pictures below are of two menu items.  Thai Chicken Sandwich with Chippers, $10.00 and Spicy Egg Noodles with beef, $9.50.

Vilai Spice Box noodles
Spicy Noodles dish, quite a bit smaller than the chicken and chippers



As you can see, the Thai Chicken Sandwich, comes in a much larger container that is stuffed full, while the Spicy Egg Noodles come in a smaller container.  Plus, the sandwich has a whole chicken breast, while the noodles had only 5 small pieces of beef.  The noodles need to be dropped in price.  By comparison a box of noodles from Bodego’s is about $1.50-2.00 less, a bigger portion size, and just as fresh. 3/5


The menu here is wide ranging and diverse.  Notable is that they offer cold Vietnamese Coffee and Thai Ice Tea.  I didn’t order either, but others did and they both looked very good.  On the downside, both times I’ve been here, something I’ve wanted has not been available. 4/5


Overall, the quality here is very high.  The food comes across as very fresh.  They have mastered adding spice with varying degrees of heat.  The chippers they serve are standout, although some weren’t 100% crispy (I think they may have lost some crispiness being packaged with the sandwich).  The Spring Rolls were crunchy, but could use a little flavour beyond bean sprout.  The peanut sauce they serve with them was excellent.  4.5/5



Everything comes in containers with lids.  They also get bonus points for being bio-degradable. 5/5


The service has been friendly, and the wait is reasonably short. 4.5/5

Vilai’s Spice Box Overall:

This is a very good food truck.  Certainly above average in many ways,  Still it has a few flaws, most notably in pricing, that need to be fixed.  Be careful what your order, but make sure you check the truck out. 4/5

Vilai's Spice Box Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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