Extreme Fries(Lunchbox) – Review

A while back I had written a review of the Sis n Me truck.  This is an old style food truck that was operating on the north side of Broadway down by the Law Courts building.  After being there for most of the summer, I noticed recently it had disappeared.  However, the space didn’t stay vacant long, as this week Sis n Me was replaced by Lorrie’s Lunchbox. This was the truck I thought was called Extreme Fries.  I’d give you a page to link to, but they are even more net unfriendly than Mikky’s.

Lorrie’s Lunchbox offers the standard burger and fries styles of fare.  As a replacement for the Sis n Me truck, this one is more than adequate.  Here’s why.

Extreme Fries perogies.
Perogies from Extreme Fries truck


If you click on the picture above, you’ll see that the prices here are in line with most other trucks and carts that offer hotdogs and hamburgers.  Along with prices that are competitive, Lorrie’s Lunchbox offers up generous portions. I might give a 5, but I didn’t notice any combos available.  4.5/5


The selection here covers all the bases.  In addition to the menu items shown above, they were offering a pulled pork sandwich and deep-fried pickles. 4.5/5


The perogies and kulbasa that are on offer, are somewhat run of the mill.  Sis n Me serves a better perogy, and the kulbasa was a little on the greasy side.  The hamburger was quite good with a bun that covered the whole burger. I like when the bun is larger than the burger, especially when the burger is of good size, which it is here.  The poutine was clearly the best of the three food trucks I’ve talked about her. 4/5


The hamburger only comes wrapped in paper, and was a little hard to eat while I walked. Both the perogies and poutine came in recloseable containers.  4/5


The service was both quick and friendly.  I received my order of burger and poutine quite quickly, yet with no adverse effect on the quality.  4.5/5

Lorrie’s Lunchbox Overall:

If you’re in the mood for a burger and fry type of lunch, Lorrie’s Lunchbox makes a more than adequate replacement for Sis N Me.  4.5/5
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  1. I was there last Friday waiting in line for poutine as I’ve found they have the best on Broadway and the guy from the Healthy Eats trailer 5 blocks down came to the windows and was just giving Lorrie crap because she had a special sign out that had wraps in it. Bacon/avacado and ceaser I think it was only $6 and I saw a few get served. He was threatening her about taking his business an he was going to do something but I didn’t hear what it was!!!!! All I can say is “I nor anyone in my building will ever eat at healthy eats again!!!!!” Sooooo unimpressed. Broadway is for all foods I love it. Just thought you should know


    • Thanks for the comment Leanne. I agree, Broadway is for everyone. I like some places better than others, but that doesn’t mean I want the others to leave. When I post, I try to make suggestions to make everyone’s experience better. I want to see more trucks on Broadway, not fewer.


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