Red Ember – Wood-Fired Pizza


I mentioned in my post on Barbie & Gabi’s Specialteez (no longer in business) that one of the new trucks out on Broadway, was a pizza truck whose name I didn’t get.  Well, on Tuesday,  I headed down that direction again, happy to find that the pizza truck, named The Red Ember, was out on the street again.

The Red Ember Truck is the most noticeable truck out on the street.  It is a custom made food truck, notable for the fact that if was built by the owner.  If you go to The Red Ember Facebook page you can find your way through that story.  It’s a story that is certainly worth taking your time to read.  The mot noticeable feature of the truck is the huge window that allows you to see in  and watch as your pizza is being prepared and going into the oven.

Red Ember truck
Truck view. You can watch your pizza being made. At least on the days when the lineups aren’t too long.


Of course, the question is whether or not the truck is trying to get by on looks alone?  For The Red Ember Wood Fired Pizza Truck the answer is an emphatic no.  As visually appealing as the truck is, the pizza that comes out of it is even more appealing both in visual and taste terms.  Emphasizing locally grown ingredients wherever possible The Red Ember hits a mobile food truck high.


The pizza’s all range in price from $9.50-$11.50.  They also have salad available at $6.00 for full and $3.00 for half.  The pizzas are 10″ size and easily constitute a meal in themselves. 5/5


There are four our five pizzas on the menu along with a daily special.  There are the salads and beverages.  4.5/5

Red Ember whole pizza
My pizza from the Red Ember Pizza truck


Simply put this is the best street food out there.  The ingredients are all fresh and locally grown.  The pizza crust comes close to perfection, and there is little grease in the pizza itself. 5/5


The pizza is served on a plate, which they will put in a paper bag if you need one.  The plate is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about the pizza sliding off of being upended in the wind.  Still, a pizza box would be nicer, especially if it starts to rain. 4.5/5

The Red Ember Overall:

Right now, The Red Ember Wood Fired Pizza Truck, (that’s such a long name), has to rank as the best food truck out on the streets of Winnipeg.  They’re not quite perfect, but they’re so close you’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference. 4.75/5
The Red Ember Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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