Kim Long Restaurant- Downtown

Kim Long Restaurant is no longer in business.

Kim Long Restaurant is a hole in the wall restaurant on the North Side of Portage Avenue between Garry and Fort Streets.  It’s the kind of restaurant that you can walk by every day and not really notice that it’s there.  When you walk in that impression is not greatly enhanced by the decor. The walls are light chocolate brown and the tables are covered in deep green table clothes.

However don’t let the decor fool you.  The food served here is of good quality.  Kim Long may not qualify as one of the stand out Vietnamese/Chinese restaurants in Winnipeg, but you get flavourful dishes, good prices and good service.  One thing with this restaurant, you won’t find their menu on-line, but it is very similar to other restaurants in this category, with the one difference being that it has somewhat fewer items.

Kim Long Soup
Soup from Kim Long

I’ve been in the past, but decided to go again a couple of weeks ago. It is just down the street from a meeting I was attending later that night.  That night, I just had a beef and vegetable hot plate with rice.  The beef was well-cooked and tender and the vegetables crispy.  There was also plenty of sauce to go over the rice. and the dish remained hot during the time I ate it. 

Kim Long Dinner

The second time, I started off with four Gyoza dumplings.  The dumplings which were four for $4.50 were plump and stuffed with a rich, savoury filling.  The sauce was a little thin but otherwise fine.  For my main dish I opted for the deluxe wonton soup.  This was $8.00 or $8.50 and came with pork, shrimp and a mix of carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.  In addition there are 8 or 9 large wontons in the soup. These feature a fairly even balance of dough and fillings.  The broth was a little on the thin side flavour wise, but on the plus side, it wasn’t overly salty as some wonton soups can get.  Plus, it was easily fixed with a little Sriracha sauce.

The server was quick and pleasant, replacing the ubiquitous “perfect” with the phrase, “no worries.”


Kim Long is perhaps not the best of the Asian restaurants in the city. Yet, it is certainly a significant step up from what you will find in any of the downtown food courts.  If you find yourself heading down Portage towards Main Street, Kim Long is still a good little place to check out.

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