Barbie & Gabi’s Specialteez

There has been somewhat of a dearth of food trucks on Broadway for the last couple of weeks.  Some of the regulars seem to have disappeared (at least for the time being) while nobody new had come along.  That all changed this past Monday, with the arrival of three new trucks.  Barbie & Gabi’s Specialteez, Extreme Fries, and a truck selling wood-fired pizza which I didn’t manage to catch the name of.  Hopefully they will all stay around long enough for me to try them.

Barbie & Gabi’s Specialteez ended up being the first of the three I tried, by virtue of being closest to the office where I work and having seen, but not tried, the truck when it was on Osborne during Canada Day celebrations. The truck sells sandwiches. hot dogs, fries and desserts, most notably a chimney cake, which is a series of rings that are crispy on the outside of the ring and chewy on the inside of it. So, what to say about it?

Baarbie and Gabi's Gyro plate
The Gyro plate from Barbie and Gabi’s Specialteez


Barbie & Gabi’s menu prices range from $4.00 for crepes to about $8.50 for the sandwiches. However, the offer combos, built around sandwiches and crepes.  These combos are $10.00 (no drink), but are still easily the best value of any of the truck offerings out there. Plus the serving sizes are quite large.  The chimney cakes are $5.00 and about 8″ high and 21/2″ in diameter  5/5


The selection is not the widest available, but it is not the smallest selection either. 4/5


The overall quality is above average, but doesn’t quite hit great.  There seems to be a combination of fresh ingredients and processed ingredients.  The fries I had with my gyros plate were crispy but on the empty side when you bit into them.  The fruit in my berry filled crepe, on the other hand, was definitely fresh, and not over ripe.  A co-worker who tried the wiener schnitzel sandwich found it to be quite good, but a little light on flavour.  4/5


Both the crepe and the gyros plate came in containers with lids that allowed me to balance the two and eat while I was walking along. 4.5/5


Service was quite friendly.  I got to the truck early so I can’t say how good it would be when they are busy.  I forgot my crepe, and they did chase me down to make sure I got it. 4.5/5

Barbie & Gabi’s Overall:

While the food wasn’t the greatest I have had, it is still very good overall.  I think this truck has the potential to be around for a good, long time.

Barbie & Gabi's Specialteez Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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