On A Roll – Gourmet Sandwiches

I first ran into the On A Roll Sandwich truck on Broadway earlier this summer.  I tried it once, and then it disappeared.  It has made a couple of reappearances since then, but has primarily been out doing fairs and festivals.  I had meant to try it again when I went to the Red River Ex, but was too full by the end to give it a whirl.  Fortunately, they showed up at the Forks on Canada Day.

*Sadly, On A Roll is no longer in business.

On a Roll truck
The late and lamented On a Roll Sandwich Truck.

When I wrote about Healthy Eats, I commented on the trend of higher prices at the food trucks, as the variety of trucks and food offered continues to proliferate.  On A Roll falls into this same category of higher priced specialty food, however, unlike Healthy Eats, On A Roll delivers the goods.


The sandwiches all are either $8.00 or $9.00 dollars.  The two I’ve tried each contained a full chicken breast as the meat portion of the sandwich, with additional toppings as well. The Watermelon Salad at $4.00 comes with a good portion serving size. 4.5/5


There are six sandwiches, but with the salad, a couple of fry options and Shrimp Corn Dogs, the menu has a good degree of versatility. 4/5


The first item I tried was the Caribbean Jerk Chicken.  It was well spiced, although a little on the mild side for my liking.  The second item was the Chicken and Waffle sandwich which I would have to say is the single best food truck item I have tried so far.  The savoury coating of the chicken offset nicely the sweetness of the waffle.  In addition, the chicken itself was well, but not thickly, coated, thereby avoiding the sense of getting nothing but waffle and breading.  On A Roll has really hit the balance well on this sandwich.  With the salad, a nice balance between the salt of the cheese and the sweet of the watermelon, with enough cilantro that you notice it, but that it’s not in every bite.  4.5/5


Ordering both the salad and the Chicken and Waffle meant that I had two containers.  However, since the both close, I was able to stack the one on top of the other.  Given how crowded the Forks was, I stood off to the side to eat, but I could have walked and eaten. 4/5


The service was friendly, but my sandwich today did take a bit of time to make.  Last time was quicker, but that may be down the fact that the sandwich was less complex. 4/5

On A Roll Overall:

This is what a gourmet style food truck should be.  The food is fresh.  The quality of the ingredients is high, and it delivers on good taste.  I only hope they return to Broadway a few times before the summer is out.  4.5/5


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