Mikky’s – Mobile Throwback

If you scan the sides of the brightly coloured trucks offering food for sale on Broadway, you’ll see the little logos that tell you that the truck in question has a presence on Facebook  or on Twitter or perhaps some other social media site.  Not so with Mikky’s.  Although this white truck does have writing and pictures on it, you won’t find any references to social media sites.

This is appropriate, because Mikky’s menu is a throwback to the days when getting vegetables as part of your street meal meant you were having the fried onions.  A few days ago I wrote about the food at the Red River Ex, and I said that my memories were of fries, cotton candy, mini donuts and corn dogs. Mikky’s, one of the trucks that has been on Broadway the longest, has much the same feel about it.


Best buy is the combo, which features burger of hot dog, fries and drink for $8.00,  Perogies are $5.50 and come as a serving of 4 very large perogies.  The stand alone prices for hot dogs and hamburgers are comparable with the other street vendors. 4.5/5

Mikky's Menu


As you can see from the menu above, Mikky’s offers a number of options.  In addition to the hot dogs etc., there is poutine and chicken fingers with fries available.  This is all good comfort food, street style.  4.5/5


The quality is one area where I feel that Mikky’s is a bit of a let down.  I had the burger and fries the other day and the burger gave every impression of being a store bought, frozen and processed one.  However, given the nature of the truck one should go in with the expectation you won’t be getting high-end gourmet ingredients.  They do get a bit of break for having malt vinegar available for their fries. 3.5/5


The perogies I had came in a container with lid, but due to their size, are hard to manipulate and eat as you walk.  The burger and fries came in a box-style tray that was easy to carry, and I could even find a spot for my canned drink inside. 4/5
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MIkkiy's burger and fries Perogies from Mikky's Bonus points to Mikky's for the malt vinegar

Mikky’s Overall:

Mikky’s makes a pleasant change from the everyday when it comes to lunch on Broadway. Given the nature of the menu it’s not a healthy daily option, but as a break from the routine it’s a good choice.  4/5


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