Habanero Sombrero – Fire on Broadway

The Habanero Sombrero truck has appeared on Broadway.  There are now at least two  trucks focusing on authentic tacos in downtown Winnipeg. The other one is El Toritto. There should be plenty of room for both on Winnipeg streets.

Habanero Sombrero Logo.
The Habanero Sombrero logo on the side of the truck.

One of the things that I think will work in favour of both trucks is that their menus are slightly different.  Having one on Portage and one on Broadway also works out well for the two of them.  Here are my thoughts:


Two taco are $6.00 three are $8.00. Homemade Tortillas with Salsa are $3.00/ with Guacamole $4.00. You can get them with a drink in combo for $10.00.  There are other items such as quesadillas and chicken wings available according to their website. I haven’t notice them when I was at the truck.  Aye Carumba cookies are $1.00.  4.5/5


There are four different varieties of tacos. With the tortillas chips and variety of salsas, there is a good variety of choice here. 4.5/5

Habanero Sombrero tacos
Tacos from Habanero Sombrero.


The tacos themselves are good to very good.  I found the chicken to be a little overcooked and dry. The bean taco had a good smooth texture to it.  The pulled pork was juicy and tender.  There are two stars at Habanero Sombrero.  The homemade tortilla Chips and the Aye Carumba cookie.

The Habanero Sombrero bag of Taco Chips
A good selection of condiments.

The tortillas chips are especially good, if eaten warm as soon as you get them.  Nicely crunchy and not over-salted.  The habanero salsa is great if you like heat. The green salsa, while listed as medium might still be too hot for most people.

The Aye Carumba cookie is a double chocolate cookie with coconut and ginger.  The ginger helps to cuts some of the sweetness of the chocolate, while the coconut adds a nice layer of chewiness to it.  4.5/5

Habanero Sombrero Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


This is the biggest drawback..  Not only are the plates flat, but they don’t feel very strong. One feels at risk of losing their tacos if the wind picks up at all.  This is especially true if one also has a bag of tortillas on the plate.  3/5


The service has been friendly and efficient.  They move their orders out quite quickly even when busy.  4.5/5

Overall for Habanero Sombrero:

When you visit Habanero Sombrero, remember to make sure to order an Aye Carumba cookie.  This will definitely be a place to revisit over the coming months.  4.5/5




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