Supper Central with Manitoba Chicken Producers

This is the first of two visits that I got to pay to Supper Central. You can read about the second occasion here

Supper time comes and with it the age old question of what to prepare.  If I go to the fridge or freezer and look inside am I going to find anything to eat.  Sometimes it seems like the work required to prepare a meal is not worth the end product.  Or maybe, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to prepare a meal.  Supper Central is a Winnipeg business that aims to give people the best of the take-out and home-cooked worlds in one place.

Supper central dinner
My finished dinner from Supper Central.

Last Friday I was there as a guest of the Manitoba Chicken Producers.  So, although the opinions stated here are mine, you might want to keep that in the back of your mind as you read. As well as assembling our meals we also got to sample several items from the Supper Central menu.  My favourite of these was the Almond Crusted Chicken with Lemon Sauce.  The Chicken had Dijon mustard mixed in with the coating giving zip to the flavour. Although this was a chicken themed night, with chicken from Dunn-Rite, there are many other menu options.

Situated in Kenaston Commons (one of the most inappropriately named places in Winnipeg), Supper Central features an open area for food prep with roughly space for a dozen or so people to work at the food prep stations.  Each station has two or three different recipes associated with it, and all the necessary ingredients are at the station or in the freezer by the wall.  Along with the ingredients, all the necessary tools for assembling your supper are also at the station.  While Supper Central enables you to assemble the meal, you will still need to cook it when you get home.  Fortunately you all receive a step-by-step guide for preparing your meal.

Supper Central chicken almost ready.
My Chicken dinner from Supper Central just about ready for the final touches.

I chose the recipe below as well as the (not so) Jerk Chicken.  Both of these choices contained spices that were placed on the station with the appropriate sized measuring spoon already in the container.  The chicken was already cut into strips and placed in a freezer bag in the cooler below the station.  Everything is placed into zipper storage bags, and Supper Central provides plastic containers to allow you to use both hands for adding ingredients instead of needing to use one to keep the bag open.

The other main selling point of Supper Central is the staff.  Not only are the friendly and knowledgeable, but they keep on top of the stations, removing used dishes as you are done, and making sure that they are quickly wiped down to maintain a clean, healthy working environment.

Finished Supper Central meal
Dinner from Supper Central just about ready to go on the plate.

With everything so well organized, I was able to put together each of my dishes in about 10 minutes, and with a minimum of effort and mess.  The latter quite remarkable given that neatness is not one of my foremost qualities.

Crazy for Cajun Chicken Pasta $28.50 Full ~ $15.25 Half <Favourite!>

Make this as spicy or mild as you like it! Tender chicken breast strips are tossed in a homemade Cajun spice then sautéed with red and green peppers. Served over your choice of white or whole wheat pasta. Cooking: 30 minutes; Stovetop

The price on the pasta I tried is typical of the items Supper Central has on offer, with some being a little higher and some a little lower.  They also offer a selection of frozen dinners that serve one, or perhaps two if they are people with smaller appetites.  If you are really pressed for time, pre-assembled dinners are also available, these make up about half of the business that Supper Central does.  Supper Central also delivers, with the cost for delivery being a flat $10.00 fee.  Given this, it’s a worthwhile option to consider ordering several dishes if you wish for delivery.

Cooking Supper:

Supper should be as easy to cook as it is to prepare, thanks to the card that comes with the meal,  but I had a little trouble.  This has nothing to do with the product, but that I have an apartment stove, and don’t have two large burners, which made it difficult to have all the ingredients come together at the same time.  However, once everything was finished, the dish certain lived up to expectations.  The chicken was tender, there was a real spiciness to the meal (the Supper Central note that using all the spice would render the dish quite spicy was accurate, fortunately I really like spicy).  Supper Central is definitely worth giving a try.  In fact, if you’ve thought about throwing a dinner party, but aren’t sure what to prepare, Supper Central could take the difficulty of that decision out of your hands.




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