Smoothies of the So Cal Variety

So Cal Smoothies is now in Edmonton

Smoothies seem to be everywhere you look.  You can get them at McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s and of course there seems to be almost as Booster Juice outlets as there are Starbuck’s.  So it’s not surprising that smoothies have hit the streets and entered into the food truck scene.  One such entry here in Winnipeg is So Cal Smoothies.

If you’re not sure you are in the mood for a smoothies, the So Cal Smoothie van will quickly change you mind, covered with images that conjure up sun, sand and surf.  Of course, there is also lots of fruit pictured on the van as well.

So-Cal Smoothies back.
The back view of the So-Cal Smoothies truck.

I stopped by there the other day and these are my thoughts:


At $7.00 for one of their wraps and $6.00 for a smoothie the prices at So Cal are competitive with similar establishments. 4/5

So-Cal wrap.
So-Cal Smoothies wrap. A little on the scant side when it comes to fillings.


Two varieties of wraps with about half-a-dozen varities of smoothies.  You can get a protien boost for $1.00 to for your smoothie.  No sides of any kind, which limits the possibilities for making this a full lunch. 3/5

So-Cal Smoothie Smoothie
The smoothie from the top view.


The wrap was filled with large chunks of chicken and vegetables, and the buffalo sauce was flavourful, with a nice kick that didn’t cross over into being too hot.  Would benefit from having more filling  The smoothie was a little on the thin side for texture, but delivered nicely on the pineapple and coconut flavour.  3.5/5


Wraps are placed in aluminum foil.  The wrap is self was well done up at the one end, making sure that it didn’t leak out while I carried it back to the office.  The lid for the smoothies comes with both a place for a straw, or can be flipped back to allow you to drink in it like a cup of coffee.  4.5/5


The service was very friendly.  However, I was the only customer in line, and I still had a bit of wait to get my order filled.  3.5/5


I would recommend So Cal Smoothies more for a snack than for a lunch time stop, as you have to by both a wrap and a smoothie if you hope to get yourself a full lunch, which turns it into a moderately priced rather than an economical lunch.  However, the wraps and smoothies which you get will be good in quality if somewhat lacking in quantity.  3.5/5


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