MB Food Bloggers at Deseo

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to one of the MB Food Bloggers events.  We throttled back a little during the summer and other commitments it seemed like forever since I had last shown up for one of these.  However, I’d been hearing all sorts of raves about Deseo Bistro so I figured that I couldn’t afford to miss this one.  Turns out that it was a good decision all the way around.

Deseo Bistro is located at 696 Osborne Street in the building that once housed Vesuvio’s pizza.  On arrival I was directed to join our group in the upstairs of the restaurant.  The tables that were up their had been pushed to the wall, which gave a sense of openness and allowed for a great deal of freedom of movement (always a good thing when one is trying to interact with a fairly large group of people).  I only got to briefly glimpse the downstairs dining area but it gave an immediate sense of being both open and intimate at the same time.

Now, on to the food.  Alas, there are no pictures of the food, as my phone wasn’t giving me the kind of shots I wanted.  Also, I didn’t really pay close attention to all the ingredients as they were being served to us(it’s hard to drool and think at the same time).

First off, were the lamb meat balls.  Lamb might be my second favourite meat. Okay, maybe third, because bacon’s one and two.  The meatballs were moist without being mushy.  The inside tasted of a strong but not overpowering mix of herbs and spices, and the sauce that they sat on had a nice tangy touch.

Two other samples on offer, were duck served on a crisp oval of bread(as you can see, I really lost the thread of ingredients here).  As well, there was chicken on a miniature bun.  It was along the lines of a pulled-chicken slider in appearance and consistency.  Despite not remembering the ingredients, the one memory that does stick with me is that both were excellent.

Finally, there was a steak tartare served on a pita wedge.  Again, I don’t remember all the ingredients, (although if some more attentive person wishes to inform me of them, I will happily update the post to include them).  What I do know, though, is that even Mr. Bean would happily scarf down this appetizer if placed before him.

Of course the food is only part of the experience.  The best part of MB Food Bloggers events is getting the chance to make new acquaintances and renew some already made.  As always, credit must go to Shel Zolkewich for being willing to leave her hunting blind long enough to make these events happen.  In addition, Scott and Ellen from Deseo served as wonderful hosts to us.

Oh, and one other thing about MB Food Blogger events, there are always wonderful prizes.  Here’s a couple of shots of the prize package I won courtesy of Manitoba Canola Growers.

The MB Food Bloggers are getting together next month for “Poutine at the Paddlewheel,” at the Bay downtown, Thursday Dec 6, starting at 6:00 p.m.  If you’re part of the MB Food Blogger group on Facebook, or would like to be, join the group and then join us at the Paddlewheel.


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