Church Supper St. Peter’s

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything here, but my last post was about lunch at church, and I’m following that one up with one about a church supper.   As a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, one of the expectations of me is that I will be involved in activities at the Diocesan level.  The Diocese is how the Anglican Church organizes collections of parishes in different regions across the country.

Church dinner table setting
Tables set for the diocesan council dinner.

One of my Diocesan commitments is with the Diocesan Council, an advisory committee made up of clergy and lay people.  A new council is elected every two years at our Synod.  This was the last meeting before that, and it began with supper.  The meeting was held at St. Peter’s Anglican Church here in Winnipeg and the people of that parish prepared our church supper.

The supper and meeting were held in the parish hall which is a very pleasant and cheerful space.  I took pictures of the table settings, but didn’t of the whole room, which would seat 100 around tables quite comfortably.  The menu was meatloaf, with roasted potatoes, peas and carrots, salad and buns.

Common Eating Supper
Church supper food is one of the areas I want to think about when it comes to Common Eating.
The salad ready to be served.
Church supper dessert.
A really good apple crumble for dessert.

Our Church Supper is Served

The food was all well prepared, but the meatloaf was a stand out.  I’m a bit of a meatloaf fan(the entree, not the singer).  I’ve listed the meatloaf sandwich at Twist Cafe as my favourite, but I would have to say this meatloaf surpasses that.  I didn’t ask, but it seemed to me that along with the ground beef, the meat loaf contained a certain amount of sausage meat that gave it a moister, spongier texture than an all ground beef meatloaf.  Added to that it was cooked to just beyond pink and finally there was a rich brown gravy to be ladled on top.

Not only was the meal itself delicious, but it was followed by a dessert of apple crumble with ice cream, and/or chocolate cake.  Plus there were cookies come coffee break time.  That may seem excessive, but when the meeting clocks in at 41/2 hours, one needs a little fortifying along the way.

All in all, I say well done St. Peter’s, and if you ever hear of them having a church supper of any sort, I’d say you definitely want to check it out.

Now, to find myself a church breakfast.


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