Church Lunch

One of the pleasures of my job is that I work in a church (Holy Trinity) where there are a lot of volunteers who come in to help with various aspects of parish life, particularly in helping our mission ministry, which from fall to spring serves around 140-150 lunches a day, Monday to Friday.

Church lunch plateful
A plateful of Caribbean food for my lunch

While the mission ministry will be opening again next Monday, September 17th, the volunteers are already at work.  There is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before things start up again.  This includes, cleaning, sorting, packaging, etc.  Our volunteers though, are more than just a group of workers.  They are also a community that like to share laughs and meals with each others.  Often, one of the volunteers will cook a lunch for the others to share in(different volunteers will do this at different times), and occasionally I take the opportunity to join in with them.

Last week I had the opportunity to share in a meal of roast chicken, with rice and peas (a Caribbean staple), and salad.   Best of all there was homemade hot sauce to top it off.  It made for a nice relaxing lunch and conversation, much of which revolved around the gardening efforts of the various volunteers.  I left feeling well nourished in both body and spirit.  Below are pictures of my plate and the hot sauce.



  1. […] Of course there were Sunday morning coffee times.  Seniors lunches were also done from time to time, and food was a large part of the Alpha program when it was run at Holy Trinity.  I also will never forget going out for lunch, in particular the times I spent with Merv the rector, and Merle, former parish administrator.  You along with Henry, Leigh, Bruce, Richard and Bev have done so much to mentor me.  These seven have been my main mentors, but many others have helped shape me for ministry.  However, the best food moments for me at least, were when the volunteers working in the church cooked up lunch and invited me to join.  I didn’t always do so, but when I did I knew I was going to get a great lunch. […]


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