Tacos for Lunch – El Torrito Taco Truck

One of the places that I have tried a couple of times over the last two summers is the El Torrito Taco Truck that during lunch hours can usually be found parked in front of the Hydro Building on Portage Avenue.  I had seen them early in the summer and then they seemed to disappear for awhile.  I never found out why, but since their Facebook page advertises that they have a new truck, I suppose that’s a possible connection.

Last night, while following all the Bomber enthusiasts on Twitter, I noticed a tweet from El Torrito that today was  going to be their last day for the season.  I confirmed with them that this would be their last day downtown as well as up on Henderson Highway, and after finding out that was the case made a point of stopping in over the lunch hour.

The lunch was scrumptious, and now all I have left is the memories of it to tide me over until next year’s return.  Please tell me you are going to return.

Home to fresh tacos

Value:  The Size above show you all of the prices of the items available from the truck.  At 3 tacos for $5.00 and $1.25 you get a reasonably satisfying lunch.  At $10.00 dollars for the El Grande, you get a complete main meal. 4.5/5

Selection:  Not the widest selection among the food trucks, but room for one or two variants.  Besides, they advertise themselves as a specialty truck and they deliver on that.  4/5

Quality:  The quality has  been excellent each time I have been to the truck.  The Chorizo dog is especially good, mildly but distinctively spiced.  The toppings on all the tacos are fresh and the sliver of lime to add to the flavour is a nice touch.

Portability:  The combo was served on a styrofoam plate that is a little awkward to carry when you have a drink, especially when breezy.  This is mitigated somewhat, in that the low rectangles outside the Hydro Building allow a fair bit of seating space for eating on site. 3.5/5

Service:  The service was organized and friendly, the wait was a little long, but I’m guessing they’re were a lot of people like me who were there for the last day opportunity. 4.5/5

Overall:  A very satisfying lunch.  It will be a long wait until the truck returns to Winnipeg’s streets next year. 4.5/5



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