Osborne Village Farmer’s Market

Yesterday, I was looking for some fresh produce and decided I would check out the Osborne Village Farmer’s Market.  The market runs during the summer from 4:00-8:00 p.m. on Thursdays, and I arrived right at the opening time of 4:00p.m., and discovered a rather small little collection of vendors selling fresh vegetables and baked goods and the usual sorts of handmade crafts that one finds at such markets.

Osborne goodies
A nice little selection of home baked goodies from Aunthill Farms

There were only four food vendors one of whom had just a small bucket’s worth of produce.  Now, since I arrived at the earliest possible time, it is possible that there were more vendors to come.  Of the remaining three, there were two which also feature opportunities to buy their produce outside of the farmer’s market setting.

The first of these two is Food Ethos Farm,  operated out of Teulon, MB, by Ashley Cote and Curtis Brown.  Food Ethos Farm offers Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), where people pay a set fee in advance of the growing season, in return for weekly produce deliveries to a pre-determined location.  In CSA, both the buyer as well as the producer assume part of the financial risk in the growing of the crops, in particular the risks that come from unpredictable factors such as the weather.

Osborne Farmers Market Vegetables
A selection of Home Grown Vegetables at the Osborne Farmers Market

Food Ethos had two table set up and featured about a dozen different items of produce.  I purchased a bunch of kale and a zucchini from them.  It should be noted that their brochure lists 34 varieties of fruits and vegetables, so there should be good selection if you wish to go the CSA rout.  As we are well into the growing season the 2012 CSA is closed, but you can already start looking into the 2013 one.

Food Ethos also has a limited offering of grass fed eggs and pastured broilers that they sell.  You can find more information on what all these terms mean by going to their Facebook page and clicking on their photos.

The second place that really caught my attention was Aunthill Farms out of Fraserwood, MB.  What was notable about Aunthill is that they provide homemade entrees that you can pre-order and have delivered to you in town.  They do their deliveries on a bi-weekly basis.  The prices were all in the $5.-$6.00 range for the entrees, and judging by the container size would make a nice meal for one, and could be comfortably stretched to two with a few veggies or perhaps some of Aunthill’s bread, on the side.

Aunthill featured a large variety of bread and loaves on offer,  In addition they have beef, chicken, pork and eggs available, all of which are pasture raised.  Vegetables for sale are all grown without the aid of any chemicals.  The only vegetable they had for sale yesterday was a few green beans, and I bought a bag (they were delicious).

Aunthill does not have a website yet, though one is in development.  They can be contacted by email at eks@rainyday.ca or phone at 204-643-5380.  If you wish to be contacted about the delivery service simply leave them your email.

Once again, the Osborne Village Farmer’s Market hours are 4:00-8:00p.m., on Thursday.  I leave you with a few pictures I took of the market and what I purchased.



  1. I use Aunthill farms now for all my meat and some veggies. Their breads and baked goods are sheer heaven as well! They have no charge on their deliveries which is rare and the prices are great for what you get. I am so happy with them that I always pay extra for the delivery anyways. How often is it that someone comes to your door with an exact order, smile and great attitude? Not often and this is why I am giving them my business over anyone else with similar offerings.
    Call me a 200% satisfied customer.


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