Smashbox Poutine Truck

There is another new food truck that has hit the streets of Winnipeg as of today.  It’s called Smashbox Poutine and today it was on Portage Avenue in front of the Hydro Building.  I hope this truck will become a fixture on downtown Winnipeg streets over the next couple of months.  However, you might want to give them a chance to work things out over the next couple of weeks before you give them a try.

I’m sure that it being the first day, one needs to make allowances for performance, however, there are definitely a couple of things that could use improvement, and which long term would be cause for me avoiding the truck (although I do intend to give them another try in a couple of weeks).

My phone kept shutting off, so I’ve got no pictures from Smashbox to go with the following thoughts:


Basic poutine is $5.95, all other poutines on the menu are $6.95.  There was no combo advertised and I decided to go drinkless, so I don’t have that price.  You receive a good size portion for those prices.


Not surprisingly Smashbox only sells poutine, but they do feature 8 different varieties, including spicy and Jamaican.  I had the meat lovers which features bacon and chorizo sausage.


This was a mixed bag. The bacon was crispy and not overly salty, and the chorizo was mildly but well spiced.  On the  other hand, the potatoes, the heart and base of poutine, were air filled shoestrings which were lacking in any solidity.  The curds were adequate, but the gravy was translucent grey and lacking any distinctive flavour.  As well, the colour means that the gravy didn’t set off the curds, thereby limiting the dishes visual appeal.


This is by far the most portable food truck food that I have tried, although I wish the containers were recyclable.


Was friendly and efficient, remarkably so, given that it was the first day out.

Smashbox Overall:

You’ll notice I haven’t given any ranking, that’s because I want to go a second time and give it a chance to work on the product.  Still, I hope everyone takes the time to check it out, even if you wait a week or two to do so.



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