More MB Food Bloggers Bake Sale

Yesterday, I posted some pictures from the Manitoba Food Bloggers bake sale, held at Aqua Books in support of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  I wrote in that post that I would have more to say later, and I want to pick up on that today.

MB Food Bloggers Peach Cobbler tarts
Cakeoogy Peach Cobbler tarts
A Selection of bake goods from the sale

When I first started into using social media in a more deliberate fashion, one of the unexpected consequences was that it got me out from behind the computer keyboard and meeting people in a face-to-face setting.  This didn’t automatically happen, but being involved with social media gave me entry into new settings and the opportunity to meet new people

The opportunity to meet new people still requires effort, and when I noticed that a couple of the groups that I was involved in were winding down I looked for new places where I could encounter new people.  I happen to run across the MB Food Bloggers group on Facebook and thought it would be a good group to connect with, what with food being one of my interests and the group containing several people I already knew along with many new people.

More of the baked goods from the sale.


So, I joined the group and am very glad that I did.  Not only is the group full of friendly and engaging people, but it covers a wide range of people and ideas related to food.  Not only does it contain a large number of food writers, but as yesterday’s bake sale indicated, they are also talented when it comes to actually producing food.

So far, in the last couple of months, the group has visited a couple of eateries, visited a farm and held a bake sale.  Plus it’s a great resource for restaurant reviews, and recipes,etc.

Plus, there is a real emphasis on sharing.  This sharing is readily apparent in the willingness of the bloggers to respond to a comment about something you’ve tasted with a link to the recipe so that you can make it yourself.  It’s also built in to each of the events.  Yesterday, the proceeds from the bake sale went to Jamie Oliver’s food revolution, and that which wasn’t sold went to Siloam Mission.  Siloam Mission and Winnipeg Harvest Kitchen have been previous recipients of money raised, and many more groups will hopefully benefit in the future.

Those are the reasons I’m glad I’m part of this group, but I did title this as if it was a post on the bake sale, so I should probably throw in a few comments on the goodies I purchased.  I’m putting a link to the maker’s blog or website, where possible.

The first thing I want to say about the baked goods was that there was too many things for me to have tried them all.  I think we’ll have to do it again so that I can try some of the other items.

The first item I want to comment on were the Peach Cobbler Tarts by Pamela Fitzpatrick of Cakeology.  Having tasted this one, I’m tempted to suggest Pamela give up cakes and just make tarts.  These were best tarts I’ve had in a very long time.  They were gooey, sweet with plenty of peach chunks.

The next item I tried were by Getty Stewart, author of the recently released Prairie Fruit Cookbook, available at McNally Robinson’s Booksellers.  I don’t remember the exact name, but they were little, thin, chewy squares made of apple and nuts.  They would make an excellent pick me up mid morning.

Another excellent choice for a pick me up would be the peanut-craisin or apricot-almond granola bars made by Rebecca Hadfield.  Chewy and moist without the sugary sweetness that one finds in store bought bars, they featured good flavour combinations as well, that place them above the ordinary.

The Almost Paleo Brownies by Hadass Eviatar were also very moist.  Beyond being moist they achieved the accomplishment of  being dense without being heavy.  On top of all that the chocolate flavour itself was rich and strong.

Last, but most certainly not least were the Cherry Blossom slices by Laura Kimball.  If you are in the mood for sweet and gooey this is the baked good for you.  A solid shortbread style base followed by cherries and coconut in the middle and a sweet icing on top.  If you need a sugar rush, and we all need those once in a while, this would be a great way to get it.

Happy eating and blogging to all.



  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! I am so glad you liked the brownies – I was very intimidated when I saw the work of the other participants. This group is so friendly and welcoming! I hope to see you again.


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