MBFood Blogger Bake Sale

Two or three months back I joined a Facebook group called the Manitoba Food Bloggers.  This is a group involving people, who are dedicated to cooking, eating and writing about food.  Every month (at least) there is an event.  Off the top of my head I can recall trips to Elements restaurant, (I didn’t make that one, but I eat there and will soon write about it), Bistro 71/4, (made that one), a farm for an event sponsored bythe Manitoba Canola Growers, and today, a bake sale in support of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.I’ll write more about this group which is curated by the indominitable Shel Zolkewich, but for now I’m just going to post a few pictures from the sale today.  This event was held at Aqua Books.

Raw Apple Almond Bars (Purchased)

A variety of cookies.

Cherry blossom slice (Purchased)

Almost Paleo Brownies (Purchased)

Peanut-Craisin and Apricot-Almond

Peach Cobbler Tarts

A happy family of purchases

More goodies

Cakeology contributions


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