Ham plus Eggs for Lunch

Ham plus Eggs

Ham plus Eggs

Testing out WordPress for Android.  I decided to take a pic of the Ham plus Eggs that I cooked up for lunch.

Ham Plus Eggs Updated

I’ve been using this app for over two years now.  At first I thought I would only use it to post single pictures to the site.  As time goes on, I’ve found it useful for other things also.

I must admit, my main use is for checking my stats.  I’m a stats junkie and I check far more often than I should.  I also like to use it to upload and edit photos that I use on the blog.  This is an activity that I can do fairly easily while riding the bus.  Or waiting for the bus.

I do a bit of post writing as well. This however is a lot harder and less satisfying in terms of accomplishment.


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