Potluck on the Fly

I prefer to work from fresh ingredients when possible, but once in a while I need to get ingredients quick and put them together quick.  So, today, in advance of a potluck this evening, I hurried off to the food store in Zellers downtown and picked up the ingredients for this pasta salad.


2-170 gram cans of flaked tuna (in water) drained

1 – 340g package Mann’s broccoli coleslaw

1 – 500g package of Pantanella’s spelt pasta

1/2 cup of Carver’s Greek salad dressing

I emptied the tuna and the coleslaw into a mixing bowl and added in about of the 1/4 cup of the dressing and stirred together.  I then cooked the pasta, drained and rinsed it and added it to the other ingredients.  When thoroughly mixed together and cooled, I covered the bowl and stuck it in the fridge.

Although I didn’t do it all at once, with the store nearby and a kitchen handy.  This whole operation could easily be done within an hour, and a tasty salad will result.


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