2nd Thursday in Lent

Today’s Readings:

Psalm 50; Genesis 39:1-23; 1 Corinthians 2:14-3:15

Turning back to Corinthians, Paul is continuing to address the problems that have arisen in the church.  This is really a continuation of what he is talking about in the first chapter, where he talks about the Corinthians separating themselves from each other on the basis of who baptized them.Here he is talking about much the same thing, how the Corinthians wish to align themselves with either Paul or Apollos as a mark of their spiritual maturity and correctness.  Paul’s  comeback is to say that they are nothing more than little children.  In essence that their growth is being stunted by their focusing on the messenger and not the message.

Along with this their focus on the messengers has been driving them apart, and this separation within the community itself is a further impediment to growth both in the individual and in the community.  Paul’s reminder is that it is on the cornerstone of Christ that the building, whether the person or the community, must be built, any other cornerstone will fail.


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