Survey Says

As you know if you’ve read this blog before, I’m fond of ranting on the subject of customer service.  Some things, of course, bother me more than others.  If, for example, the savings are worthwhile, I will live with slow and incompetent service.

Other things I’m not as willing to overlook.  For example, if you are a restaurant that regularly offers some sort of BOGO(buy one, get one) deal, I’m less likely to frequent your establishment for meals, on the principle that you are in essence saying we don’t value the business of singles as much as of couples.  Yes, I know you have to make your turns, but if you’re not offering me a comparable discount I’ll take my business elsewhere.  We singles need to make sure we are accounted for.

Another thing that really annoys me is online surveys.  You, know the thing, where after you’ve made a purchase in a store, they waste your time pointing out the spot on the bill that tells you where to go to take a survey for a chance to win $1,000.  This also happens when online entities wish you to take a survey.  Perhaps they’ll offer a collection of books to one like survey taker, as opposed to offering several people one book each.

My theory is that my time should be worth something, as opposed to being potentially worth something.  This view is not shared by the vast majority of survey senders.  So, imagine my surprise today, when I received a survey request from Airmiles offering me 15 Airmiles for a 15 minute survey.  I decided to start the survey, because I though that it was fair offer and besides, I’m quick enough that it never takes me the amount of time it says.  I started the survey and the first two questions were related to purchases for babies, and I had nothing to say on either of them.  At this point the survey ended for me.

I figured I wasn’t going to get any reward, and was a little surprised when they told me I was being awarded 2 Airmiles.  Now, 2 Airmiles doesn’t seem like much, but it was 2 more than I had before, and I  had only spent about 2 minutes on the survey.

I think Airmiles is on to something which I hope more companies try.  I would certainly be willing to do surveys if they resulted in things such as cents off coupons.  Work them on the same principle, the longer the survey is, and the more of it you complete, the better the discount.  This would result in people getting some real savings in exchange for their time, which seems like a more fair way of running the system, and a way that would build up a greater sense of goodwill among customers.

Now, if I could only get restaurants to do something about that BOGO thing.


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