First Friday in Advent

Readings: Isaiah 29:17-24; Psalm 27:1-6,17-18; Matthew 9:27-31

One thing that makes waiting difficult is knowing how things should be yet for various reasons aren’t.  This can be true of simple things, like a toaster that needs repair, or perhaps a computer that needs upgrading.  Yet it can and often is, also true of the world in which we live.

In Isaiah we read of people who rig the system so that it is to their advantage regardless of what harm it causes to others.  Those who not only break the rules, but who change the rules whenever it suits their purposes.  Much of what has been brought forward by the Occupy Movement in the last few weeks asks the question of why this is so.   This is especially true when we read the first part of the Isaiah passage, which tells us that this is not the way it is supposed to be and that one day things will be different.

Yet, we don’t seem to be any closer to seeing this world realized. At times it’s easier for us simply to retreat into a mode where we start to long for the return of Christ and the fulfillment of this promise rather than living into this promise.  The kingdom has arrived.  The opportunities for the “meek to obtain fresh joy in the Lord,” and for the “neediest people to exalt in the Holy One of Israel,”  are already here.

However, they only exist to the degree that we are willing to live out these principles and practices in our own lives.  Through Jesus, the kingdom has arrived in us, and it is through us, by the power and working of the Holy Spirit that the kingdom continues to put down deeper roots in our world.  We will not bring the perfection of the kingdom, but we can bring the life of the kingdom, and in doing so, make waiting for its fulfillment a little easier to bear.


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