The Bombers Big Game

I’m reposting this morning’s blog post.

My coverage of the Bombers season has been sporadic at best. However, I figured I should write a post this week because it’s the last time I’ll have a chance to write one before a Bomber game until the 2012 season and the traffic snarls at the new stadium.

Right now, there seems to be a general sense that the Lions should be favoured.  After all, they’ve been incredibly hot since the started the season 0-5, they’re playing the Grey Cup at home, with the exception of Milt Stegall and occasionally Matt Dunigan, the entire TSN organization dislikes the Bombers (O.K. I made the last one up…kinda).  However, that’s all the more reason to believe that the Bombers will win.

This years Bombers team seems to save its best for when their backs are up against the wall.  Frankly, given the way they’ve played most of the season I’d be much more concerned if the experts were picking the Bombers to win.

As always, the keys to the Bombers winning are the same.

1.)  Avoid the stupid penalties (I think the Bombers may have an advantage here in that the Lions being the home team may be over-motivated to play and may take one or two emotional type penalties).

2.)  Game management.  The Bombers have to keep themselves organized and not waste early timeouts or try and gain a yard on third down by running out of a shotgun setup.  Win or lose, LaPolice should be back next season, but he can’t make those kinds of mistakes (and I realize it’s not just on him, but he’s where the buck as opposed to Buck, stops), if the Bombers are going to win.

3.)  Keep Buck upright.  I’m a big believer in Alex Brink as a QB, but Buck is the man right now, and I think an in-game injury may prove too big of an emotional letdown to overcome.

4.)  Keep giving the ball to Garrett.  Too often the Bombers forget about their running game halfway through. Chris Garrett showed what he can do to a defense last week.  Given enough attempts, he’ll do it again this week.

5.)  Bring the Swag.  I understand how the fans started to get tired of hearing about “Swaggerville,” especially after the back to back losses to the Riders over the Labour Day and Banjo Bowl games.  Yet, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Bombers play started to lag after the talk of “Swaggerville” died out.  Last week against Hamilton, “Swag” was out in full force, and the Tiger-Cats couldn’t do a thing about it.  If the Bombers  want to turn the Lions into kitty-cats, they need to bring the “Swag” on Sunday.

I think they do it.  The 20 odd year Grey Cup drought ends this year.  Final Score:  Bombers 27 – Lions 24


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