Blue Bombers Playoff Bound

Well, the Bombers have clinched a playoff spot.  Now they can focus on finishing first.  Tonight’s game was as close to total domination as the Bombers have come this year.  The special teams still need a little work, particularly when two fake attempts failed after penalties to the Bombers.  Renaud punted quite a bit better, with only one bad line drive that resulted in a good return and a field goal just before half-time.

The offense moved the ball really well during the game.  The offensive line did one of their better jobs in keeping Buck Pierce clean, and blocked well for Chris Garrett.  Garrett, if he keeps running like this will make fans forget the fact that Fred Reid is gone for the season.  Clarence Denmark is showing that he’s one of the best receiver’s in the league, and in particular comes up big when they need him.

The defense was dominant for most of the game, but lost their cool with a couple of really stupid penalties on a late drive that resulted in a Hamilton touchdown.  Brandon Stewart’s interception return for a TD was a thing of beauty.  Doug Brown returned and dominated the center of the line on the defensive side of the ball.

My original prediction was  33-30 Bombers, but like everything else tonight, the Tiger-Cats couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain.  Now it’s time to clean up the mistakes and the stupid penalties and get ready for the playoffs.


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