Common Eating 3 – Course Outline

I’ve written in the last couple of days about wanting to create a seminary course around the idea of Common Eating.  Post number 1 gives my rationale for thinking this up in the first place.  Post number 2 suggests a possible marking scheme.  Post number 3, for today, provides the outline.  Over the next two weeks I plan to flesh out that outline.

Week 1 – Introduction and Overview

Week 2 – We Are What & How We Eat

Week 3 – Common Eating in the Old Testament

Week 4 – Common Eating in the New Testament

Week 5 The Eucharistic Meal

Week 6 – Thanksgiving in the Meal

Week 7 –  Ferial Eating

Week 8 – Fasting and Feasting (Corporate Focus)

Week 9 – Food & Drink

Week 10 – Food & Hospitality

Week 11 – Taking the Invitation to the Highways and Bi-ways

Week 12 – That Pork was Lovely Mrs. Brown.  OH! It was Chicken?

Week 13 – Extending the Table

So there you have them, the 13 topics that I hope this course will cover.  They, like the rest of these ideas are provisional, but I think I can make a cogent case for being able to spend a 3 hour class session on each of these topics.  Again, depending on class size, the material needing to be covered, we will have to work out how this all fits in a three hour time frame.

Again, I welcome any and most comments.  You can comment in the comment section below or send me a tweet @anglibubs.



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