Are You Ready For Some Football

Tomorrow night marks the start of the NFL preseason. I’m a big football fan, enjoying the styles played in both Canada and the United States, (and also the the version that the rest of the world calls football, the one that involves using the feet the most).

After a summer of having to listen to judges, lawyers and representatives of both sides in the lockout we will be back to listening to play-by-play announcers, colour commentators and sideline reporters (I’m not sure this is an improvement).

The preseason starts with the following five games:

Jacksonville at New England 7:30 pm
Baltimore at Philadelphia 7:30 pm
Seattle at San Diego 8:00 pm
Denver at Dallas 8:30 pm
Arizona at Oakland 10:00 pm

So here are things to look for:in each of the five games:

1.) Will we see Albert Haynesworth on the field for the Patriots, or does he still need to get into game shape. How many series will we see Chad Johnson for, and if he does happen to catch a TD pass, what kind of celebration will he do.

2.) How many times will the announcers refer to Ravens-Eagles as a Super Bowl preview, even though it will only be a sloppy, poorly played preseason game.

3.) With Tavaris Jackson as the starting QB, how long until the Seahawks are making a trip down to Mississippi to talk Brett Favre out of retirement once again.

4.) This will be the first game situation where we might get a chance to see the Tebow-Orton quarterback battle played out. I think Orton ends up starting. On the other side of the field will Tony Romo take his first live action snaps after breaking his clavicle last year?

5.) If Arizona-Oakland was a regular season matchup, I’d likely be changing the channels to something more exciting, like that digital fireplace. Definitely not a match lose sleep over, and by that I mean it’s better to get an early night than to watch this one.

Still, bad football is better than no football at all.


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