Bombers vs Eskimos Recap

Last week I said this game would be a measuring stick for the Bombers.  Well, if you were using a yardstick, when you’re measuring the Bombers you need to get a metrestick.  With the exception of having trouble scoring in the first quarter, the Bombers were the better team all night.

Specifically, among other things, I was wondering whether or not the Bombers should give Brink a start and Pierce a rest.  Well, clearly I was wrong about that.  Pierce was great.  He slid more, but fought through to the endzone on great TD run, (although I was hoping he would slide about halfway through).

I also said that the Bomber receivers were not helping out their QBs very much. That was definitely not the case in this game.  Denmark, Edward, Watson and Hargreaves all played really well.  Difficult catches, good runs, and a great job falling on a teammates fumble.

In addition, the Bombers didn’t go away from Fred Reid, but managed to make use of him throughout the game.

On special teams, the Bombers didn’t get much out of their return game, but made sure that the Eskimos didn’t either.  Palardy missing two short field goals is a concern, but it is just one game.

Defensively, even without Doug Brown, the Bombers played really well.  I think this shows a lot of the character that the Bombers seem to have developed this year.  Also, although a lot of credit goes to the Bomber front seven, I think the biggest difference this year is in the secondary.  Having Hefney back for a full season helps, but the whole secondary seems to be playing at a higher level this year.  On a side note, I think that Jovon Johnson may be the most important player on the Bombers.

The only complaint about the game was that the officiating was awful the whole way around.  Having said that, the Bombers didn’t take an awful lot of silly penalties.  They due have to be careful with their showboating, because that can come back to haunt them.

I said last week, that this was only one game, win or lose.  I still hold to that, but as a measurement game, the Bombers approached the bar and cleared it easily.

As for the score I was only one point off on the Bomber total, but the Eskimos missed the 24 by 8.


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