Undoing mistakes

One of the various bosses that I have likes to say that there is no mistake that can’t be undone.  Obviously there are a few examples that come to mind, but in terms of many of the everyday activities we engage in this statement is far more often true then untrue.

I’m about to put this idea to the test.  As I mentioned in my post on Twitter followers, one of the methods I tried was to add twitter profiles from a list that included some of the most popular Tweeters who followed back, or who had followers who did.  This did indeed work well, but it worked too well, as within a couple of days I was getting more followers who weren’t interested in being on Twitter so much as they were using Twitter to spam other Twitter users, ended up being about double the number of people who were legitimately trying to follow me.

So, I have decided to go back through that list and remove all but a small handful of the people I had followed.  I will have removed about 200 accounts by the time I’m finished, and am curious to see if I lose 200 followers.  I suspect not, since I think a large number of the people I followed never followed me back.

In recap, if you wish to gain a large, indiscriminate number of followers, by all means use this method, otherwise don’t go near it.  If you’ve already done it.  Swallow your pride, admit your mistake and start unfollowing.


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