Fringe Fest 6

Went to see The Green Room tonight.  The play, about a secret place for actors to get a second chance, seemed to hold much promise.  Unfortunately as promising as the premise, the performance was undone by the dullness of the delivery.  Whether it was tiredness on my part, a lack of inspiration from an audience of roughly 20 in room designed for close to 200, or perhaps tiredness on the part of the performers, this was by a wide margin the least group of anchors in the all the plays I’ve been to.

The play is built around a Christmas theme, and as I waited for the play to start I was enjoying the festive, although not overly Christmasy music that was playing in the theater.  The play starts off with the main character being introduced in the style of Inside the Actors Studio, unfortunately the James Lipton like character was more strident than genially pompous.

The next couple of scenes were rather flat and while there appeared to be punchlines, they were delivered in such a fashion as to suck any laughter out of them.  The appearance of Becky (Gwen Collins) held the promise of an upswing in the tempo and energy of the show, but the energy seemed to ebb out again just after that first scene.  The intensity picked up in the last quarter of the show, as anger became the predominant emotion, forcing the actors to put more energy into their effort.

2/5 stars. Tom Hendry Theatre at the MTC Warehouse, 140 Rupert Ave, Tickets $10, $8 students.  I think I hit a bad night, but it might be better on a different occasion.


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