Fringe Fest 5

One of the pleasures of living downtown, is that it a short distance between my apartment and most of the Fringe venues.  So, tonight I decided to finish off my day play watching with a short jaunt down to the U of W to catch Commedia.  The show consisted of two plays by Moliere The Flying Doctor & The Jealous Husband, done in the style of Commedia dell’Arte.   This means that you have two shows with larger than life characters, broad farce and escapist entertainment.  I won’t bother you with details of the plot, because they’re not that central to the evenings entertainment.

The central part, owing to it being stuck as an intermission to the two plays, was a dance number involving a wind-up doll, a mannequin and a puppet master.  The result was a sweet little love story made through the inclusion of a french art song, performed exquisitely by Nikki Kirton(the puppet master).  All in all this play made a very happy ending to the day.

3.5/5 starts, Canwest Centre for Theater and Film, 400 Colony, $10, $8 students and fringe performers.  Only three more shows, so take note if you wish to attend.  I recommend attendance.


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