Fringe Fest 3 (Contains Spoiler)

I added one more play today, bringing my Fringe going to five, marking the halfway point for my Frequent Fringer pass.  My choice was “Wild Abandon,” a one-man play featuring Zach Counsil.  According to the guide book comments it is “a play about Steve, a man who thinks he’s alone in the world.” We are asked as an audience to enter into Steve’s world and to try and understand why he feels alone.  Yet the end feeling for myself was I had gotten an hour of “my life sucks,” filled with random facts such as the parenting habits of cuckoos.  He claims to feel alone, but walked out on his parents as soon as he got the chance The play comes across as a first year philosophy student’s attempt to find out the meaning of life.

Throughout the play there sits on the stage, an egg representing life and perhaps meaning and a chain hanging down from the ceiling which Steve forms into a noose, representing death. (Here comes the spoiler) When at the end of the play he makes his choice it seems like it was the inevitable choice.  As I watched him put his head in the noose, I felt only a perfunctory “don’t do it,” crop up inside of me, because by the end of the play I just didn’t care about the fate of the character.  At 60 minutes, I felt the play too long.  It seemed to drag one towards the conclusion.

Venue 4, Pantages Playhouse, 180 Market Avenue, Tickets $10.

During the last several days, I took in some of the open air stage as well.  Tim Webster does a teriffice job as MC for the children’s portion, and Ken Rudderham and his partner Tim, (last name escapes me) are great as the evening hosts.   The one disappointing aspect of the open air stage is the amount of repetition.  It seemed that the same acts were performing day after day.  In the case of Lindsey White this repetition is more than welcome, but for many of the busker style acts it gets a little old and worn, although I would recommend seeing Max and Dagger if you ever get a chance.


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