Fringe Fest 2

This afternoon I went to take in “Caught in The Act.”  I was looking forward to seeing this play as it features Ashley Toevs who I know to be a smart and funny individual.  However, the play was a disappointment, although this lies within the play itself and not the performances of Ms. Toevs or Brad Wieler, who played the male role.  Both actors give creditable performances and allow you to fell at least some degree of empathy for their situation.

The premise of the play is that there are two characters trying to figure out how to make a relationship work, while at the same time dealing with an invisible playwrights ideas of how their relationship should work.  This is a constant battle that runs throughout the play.  One problem with this is that Bruce Kane, the author of the play seems to have attempted to deal with every relationship cliche he can manage to find.  This problem is compounded by the fact that the play’s running time, which is listed in the program as 45 minutes, is, taking away the 5 minute introduction to the play in which Mr. Wieler goes through a list of audience behaviours that actors find annoying(and he does this quite well and humorously), the play itself strains to reach half-an-hour in length.

Furthering compounding the time issue is that for the first twenty-five minutes, the laughs are meted out in fairly scant measure.  Then, just as the battle reaches its fever pitch in the last five minutes, and the laughs starting coming more plentifully, and you feel that the play is turning a comedic corner, the play ends.  This is definitely a play where, had I not been on a Frequent Fringer pass, I would have felt that I did not receive my money’s worth.  While not a complete waste of time, on the whole I would not reccomend this play.

I give it 2/5 stars.  It is in Venue 5, Son of Warehouse 140 Rupert Avenue, side entrance, ticket price $9.


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