Taxing Times

As my blog profile states, I am working as a priest in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land.  This is a part-time position and I supplement my income with a job that involves me preparing a lot of tax returns.  Over the past 3 tax seasons and a bit I have filed over 2,000 tax returns.  Naturally with such a quantity I make use of a computerized tax filing program.

Studio Tax makes Tax Time less Taxing

Yet for all that, up until this year I have always done my own taxes by hand.  This year, however, I decided to give Studiotax, a freeware tax program a try, after it had been brought to my attention by this guy.

Having used it once, I’m hooked.  The biggest difference between Studiotax and the one I use at work is that it is much quicker and easier to toggle between the different pages involved .  In addition I like the pop-up window that appears at the beginning to allow you to enter your personal information.  Further, the fact that it takes a columnar approach to the T4 means that it is quick and easy to enter multiple T4’s if you have worked more than one job during the course of a given year.  Even the fact that the forms have the same colours that the paper version does, make this program a comfortable tool.  When the return was finished and saved, the program then led me through all the steps that I needed to use the government’s netfile system.

This is freeware, although they do request a donation.  The one thing left for me is to find out how quickly I end up with my refund back.  While I haven’t tried all the tax programs out there, I can say that this program does everything that H&R Block’s $60 version claims to do, along with the benefit of supporting open-source programming.


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