Love thy Neighbour?

As a person who travels most places either by foot or by bus, I come into contact with a great number of people that I am able to greet, even if it is only sometimes with a polite nod. Usually this seems like an easy way to make contact with people but sometimes I wonder. Like this morning.

I am in the process of looking for work and so I leave the house every day trying to look reasonably professional. This morning I was doing the monochrome look with a red shirt and red tie. For those interested in such fashion matters, the socks were also red.

As I was headed south on Sherbrook I approached a woman, about 55-60ish, who was walking north on the street. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the way she was dressed or any such thing. There is a dog who is out in the front yard of one of the houses just down from where I turn onto Sherbrook and the woman seemed to have just finished talking to the dog.

However, as she passed me she leaned in and said: “Very subtle, you almost can’t see the tie since its the same colour as the shirt.” Then she proceeded to grab the tie at the knot and give it a yank. The tie became slightly loosened, but because I was wearing a tie pin, did not completely become undone. Having given the tie a yank she proceeded on her way without another word or glance in my direction.

I have no idea what she was thinking. Perhaps she has a crush on Regis and I reminded her of his “Millionaire” days, although I’m not sure that’s my final answer. Maybe she has just reached a point where it doesn’t matter what people think of her and a harmless tug on a younger man’s tie tickled her imagination.
Sometimes a slight lack of inhibition isn’t a bad thing.


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