Veggies and More

That’s right, this week there were actually berries at the truck.

This week I brought home beans (green and yellow), peppers (green and yellow), zucchini (green and yellow), I’m beginning to think the farmers are Eskimo fans, but I digress, 2 bunches of green onions, carrots, tomatoes, and raspberries.

All of this was mine for the grand total of $10.00.

I can’t compare the prices on the beans, because I didn’t see any.

However, the zucchini I saw was $1.49/lb along with being black and dying on the ends. I would estimate each of my zucchinis at about 3/4lb and I paid a dollar for the two of them.

Green peppers were listed at $2.49/lb and I received 4 smallish ones for $1.00, but they would have to be pretty close to a pound in weight between them.

I saw roma tomatoes at $.99/lb compared to my two for $1.00. Mine were regular beefsteak style tomatoes and would have been close to a pound, so I would presume there was much to choose.

I saw raspberries for $3.48 for a pint where mine were $3.00 for about a pint.

On the whole, I would say that this was the first week that it was actually cheaper for me to shop at the van than at the store.

I also signed up for a canning lesson on August 12.


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