Despite my comment in the last post, I understand what Promise Keepers is attempting to do in getting men together to talk about their approach to sexuality and other matters, although I find there bells and whistles approach rather unappealing.

What bothered me more about the morning is some of the little side lights. For example, as a guy was entering the “resource center” aka “books and bling” he was made to due up his plastic bag lest he succumb to the tempation of slipping something into it. Apparently trust only belongs in sexual relationships.

While lunch was included in the cost of the registration every other item available had a price tag involved. Having spent my $20.00 for the week it was easy to resist the temptation. They did have a water cooler complete with shot glass size Dixie Cups, implicitly suggesting that if you really want water you should buy some of the environmentally unfriendly bottled stuff. Apparently Godly men have little concern for God’s creation.

Beyond that, I guess I’m just not a giant pep rally kind of guy.


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