a bit of a layoff

Well, it’s almost a full week since I last wrote here. The end is now in sight for my Lenten program. The hardest part has definitely been dealing with the fact that there are so many people who have been willing to help me out. Food has come from all sorts of sources and while I’ve not really turned any down, I have said to several people that I would prefer that they not offer it to me (perhaps the cowards way out of the dilemna.

Today would be a perfect example of the former. I was given a free pass to attend a Promise Keeper’s event. I went for the morning and stayed through the lunch hour. I came away with a full stomach at lunch and the feeling that all of society’s problems boil down to men playing too much pocket pool.

Afterwards I went to visit my parents and my mom sent me home with 5 mini boxes of cereal and some cake that she had in her freezer. This all reinforces the notion that helping people build a strong social network and a caring community is one of the best ways to help the economically poor to thrive even with limited resources.


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