Thinking about bread

Re-Post about Bread

Occasionally as I look though I find an old post that is food related that didn’t make it over to  One thing I noticed is that I’ve done more writing food than I realize.  Despite the fact that there are many posts that could have been brought over, I’m only going to bring over one or two.  This post was originally written during Lent 2008, where for my Lent discipline I attempted to live of $20.00 a week for food.

I’ve been thinking about bread a lot over the last few days. The first time I went shopping in preparation for this Lent plan, I looked at the price of bread and I backed off. Although there were 1lb (450g for you young’uns reading the post) loaves that were reasonably cheap, I balked at the idea that I would have to eat the loaf very quickly or put it in the freezer, and every time I wanted bread take it out and toast it.

So, inspired by this story here, I tried pancakes. Unfortunately, not being a starving, shipwrecked, sailor, I found them to not be what I was hoping for. I tried making dumplings to toss into the soup and that turned out a little better, but I still wasn’t satisfied. So, I ended up making a form of homemade tortilla. They are simple (flour and water), and relatively quick to make. I can make four at a time and have two days worth of bread without needing to worry about it going dry, stale or moldy. On top of that, the bread feels and taste more substantial than any of the cheap loafs that are offered in the store (The 12 grain, etc. styles of loaves that often sell for 3 to 4 dollars are an entirely different matter). Meanwhile, the 2.5 kg bag of flour that I bought will last me for an extended period of time.Portuguese bun, a form of bread

Bread Shopping:

As I was preparing to go out and do my shopping today I found myself reflecting on our use of the terms bread and dough for money. Particularly, I was thinking about these terms in relationship to the idea of bread as “The Staff of Life.” Somewhere along the line the emphasis has been displaced. We look to money to be the sustainer of our physical lives and more importantly as an indicator of our health and well-being(physical, mental, emotional and in many cases spiritual).

Yet, if we think about those sailors, what good would a pile of rubles have done for them when they were stranded. “Give us today our daily bread,” the daily supply of the that which was the core of the diet. “Jesus at supper, took bread.” Of all the elements of the Passover meal that Jesus could have used, he chose bread, the most basic of all prepared foods. Let us all give thanks for the bread we receive, both at the dinner table and at the Lord’s table, and let us all remember the connection that exists between the two. That each in their own way is life-sustaining at the most basic level.


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