The Office

My brother Ian brought it to my attention that I had been somewhat negligent this week in my blog postings. So here goes….

Last week I was talking about the fact that my office serves cake on employees birthdays. This week we had another birthday on Tuesday, giving me another slice of cake. We also had food that was brought into the office by employees. Wednesday there were doughnuts (I was fasting), Thursday there were cupcakes and today there was a bowl of mixed nuts that we could snack on through the day. In addition, on a couple of the really cold mornings this week I availed myself of the hot chocolate that is provided, free of charge, by my employer.

I’ve worked enough jobs over the course of the years to know that my situation is not the situation everyone has as far as being provided for by their employers. Yet it illustrates how a community can develop in the workplace, and when it does the people that work together or often provided for in ways that go beyond what comes with the salary.

Tomorrow is shopping day for the week following. I’ll be posting a picture as in previous weeks.


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