Community, Conscience and Chocolate

The previous post gave a breakdown of the kind of diet my purchases had imposed on me. Yet in the middle of this was an occassion that gave me some pause, although not a whole lot.

One of the points made by the Winnipeg Harvest challenge was that the poorest people are often the ones who are most lacking in social networks. Among the social networks I have that many people who are in more dire straits financially is the work network. This was something that I did not have when I was working in the temporary labour field.

Two examples from my own experience to illustrate this point. In one job, the temps were brought in for the busy season, and the last of the temps working at the job was the day before the company picnic, an event that was advertised greatly around the workplace. At another job, I was the only temp working, and I was sent home before the lunch hour lest I somehow managed to slip a burger onto a plate.

At the same job where I was sent home, the company’s policy was to bring donuts for each employee’s birthday. Again, as the temp I wasn’t included, but one of the employees(who as a group were very welcoming), went out and brought donuts in on my birthday.

In my current job the same tradition applies, except it’s a cake instead of donuts. So, the question in front of me was: Do I refuse to eat the cake on the principle that if I’m constantly accepting food from people, there really isn’t much point in trying to live off $20.00 a week. On the other hand, the birthday cake is an act of celebration of the community that exists in the work place and a give from employers to employees.

In the overall scheme of things, while it is a slight psychological boost, it doesn’t take away that much from the challenge set before me. I was still feeling hungry when I got home from work.
Yes, the cake was a Chocolate Sin cake, and so I decided I would follow Luther’s advice and sin boldly in a chocolatey fashion.


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