Well, this is what $10.52 will buy you, or at least one combination of things that can be bought with $10.52. Working on the premise that $20.00 a week works out to roughly $2.85 daily, this represents the food purchases that have to last me until the end of the day on Saturday.

I certainly hope that I won’t use all the margarine by that date, even though it exists as my only source of cooking oil. I also intend to ration myself to one egg a day, so in effect I’m hoping to make that dozen eggs last through two weeks. The most obvious things missing in this set of purchases is food containing calcium and a decided lack of fiber. However, that is more a reflection on the fact that I shopped for a four day period rather than a full week.

Oh, I still have $.88 left to spend this week, or add to next week.


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  1. Wow! Well, Donald, I’m glad you bought garlic. Most things can become palatable with sufficient garlic. Wish me luck tomorrow – I’m going to sing for Ruth Widdicombe so she can place me in the right voice range in the women’s choir!


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